Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Sartorialist

  I've always loved following the work of the Sartorialist, or Scott Schuman, a fashion blogger and photographer from New York for those of you living under a fashion-deprived rock (check out his blog at ).  However lately I've found that alot of his work is leaning more and more towards showing old, rich European men in scarves, too-short pants and smoking a cigarette, or a beautiful woman in men's clothing. Sometimes though I do find a photo which I think is brilliant; and these are just a few of my favourites which I thought I'd share with you. Enjoy!

 I think this woman is so beautiful. She radiates something more exotic and mysterious than what catches the eye, and holds herself with pure class.

Possibly one of my all-time favourite shots . .because this one reminds me of my gorgeous boyfriend. His classic and elegant European style, the intense gaze, and the copper-coloured shoes matching his flaming, beautiful hair.

A handsome matching couple. Their style is so classic that they look like they could have came out of any decade.

Matching her amazing shoes with the trimmed skirt = casual and chic.

Ah Paris, Paris je t'aime !

A simple white lace dress, pulled off perfectly.

From memory, this one was shot in Sydney outside a fashion show. If only I had her tan . . .

How Parisiens always manage to look effortlessly good is beyond me. Note to self: must exercise more and invest in a multicoloured dress similiar to the above.
Also note to self: invest in a vibrant jewel-toned skirt for winter.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She's a machine, that Florence


Georgia Jagger, 2009.

In order to sell cakes

Hand-made leggings, Elnaz Niknani:

 This girl from Zürich looks like Audrey Hepburn. Her blog:


Monday, May 17, 2010

We lost but it's ok

Ok, so we lost netball but that's ok, we had alot of fun as always and went for McFlurries after, which is ironic seeing as our team name is 'Slim Fit', haha. After getting home, I had a steaming hot shower and exfoliated all over with a lemon scrub, mmmm. It smells so delicious and clean. I love the feeling of having a shower just before bed after some exercise, it always prepares me for a good night's sleep!

Alaia pumps. Desire.

Neve Campbell, full of grace.

Blowing wind . .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've been thinking . . .

Today despite working all day, I managed to get a bit of shopping in at the Gilles St Markets where my friend had a stall selling gorgeous jewellery, scarves, and vintage and handmade clothing. I'd been looking for a new skirt for ages and finally came across this very cute short pink polkadot Tigerlily skirt :) yay!

I've also been thinking lately, about so many things I wish I could change. One of my best friends is reading Nelson Mandela's biography and it made me wish I had more time to read informative, meaningful books in between uni, work, friends and family. For instance I realised how little I truly know about what is going on in the world around me, such as the situation with the apartheid in South Africa. I remember a few years ago, in 2007, I met a friend from South Africa who told me how serious and apparent it still was, after so many years. Segregation is everywhere. For instance, he told me in bathrooms in restaurants and other public places there would be on one side of the bathroom, a clean, white vanity with a mirror and washbasin, and a separate toilet cubicle all beneath a sign saying "Whites", and on the other side of the room in the corner would be a dirty, rusting tap above a simple hole in the ground, with the sign "Non-whites".  Hearing my friend tell me this made me furious, that we live in the 21st century, a century of science, discovery, technology and a general multicultural acceptance and yet there is such a primitive, ongoing prejudice against different skin colours. I think that truly, deep down, most people have a small prejudice inside them against another of a different race. I'm not calling everyone racist, but I'm saying that you can look at someone who has the opposite skin colour to you and there will instantly arise a pre-determined image, an impression that you have, before you have met them. Of course most people will not say anything about this or let this small prejudice manifest into something bigger, and upon meeting the person perhaps this pre-existing impression will disappear; but what I'm saying is that this discrimination is there initially, inside us. 

For instance, if you were a white woman walking down the street and you see another white man walking towards you, a normal occurrence is that you would just pass on your way and perhaps give a nod of acknowledgement to the man. However if it was a black man walking towards you, would you react the exact same way as with the white man? Perhaps some people, without realising the difference in response, and with no real emotion evoked, would subconsciously look down as they pass by the black man, avoiding eye contact. Maybe not, maybe so.

Now on a lighter note, some images I love.

'A kiss before I go . . .'

One of the most naturally beautiful faces I've seen.

Betty Grable.

Naomi Campbell, Harper's Bazaar, September 2009.


Friday, May 14, 2010

This is all I have.

Exotic and timeless. Her expression.

Gemma Ward. I love how elegantly her arm drapes itself around this instrument. The cello has always been one of my favourite musical instruments, I love the deep, warm guttaral sound and the mellow tones.

 Water is life.